The applications listed are those:

  • Where the developer has advised the Planning Inspectorate in writing that they intend to submit an application to us in the future
  • Where an application has already been made to the Planning Inspectorate and is undergoing the examination process
  • Where a proposal has been decided.

Use the table below to find applications by stage or type. Alternatively, use the map by clicking on the markers to go to the applications page. A list of key events and deadlines for all applications is available on our calendar page.

DNS/323797330MW Energy Plant - WrexhamBersham Glenside LtdEnergyPre Application
DNS/322736440 MW Solar FarmRenplanEnergyPre Application
DNS/3214855Alwen Forest - WindInnogy Renewables UK LtdEnergyPre Application
DNS/3213688Brynllewelyn Farm - Renewable Energy ProjectRES LimitedEnergyPre Application
DNS/3214813Buttington Quarry - ERFBroad Energy (Wales) LtdEnergyPre Application
DNS/3213487Coed Darcy STORPeak Gen Power 5 LimitedEnergyExamination
DNS/3213175Coity Road - STORUK Power Reserve LtdEnergyWithdrawn
DNS/3214296Egnedol - Sustainable EnergyEgnedol Wales LimitedEnergyDecided
DNS/3228009Energion LtdEnergion LtdEnergyPre Application
DNS/3213704Felindre Road - STORRenplan Consulting LtdEnergyPre Application
DNS/3213127Holywell - STORMr S BatovEnergyPre Application
DNS/3214870Kronospan - GasKronospan LimitedEnergyPre Application
DNS/3213164Llangennech - SolarVoltalia Group - Care of Agents - Pegasus GroupEnergyAcceptance
DNS/3214873Llantarnam - SToREnergion LtdEnergyAcceptance
DNS/3213968Llanwern - SolarGwent Farmers Community Solar Scheme LtdEnergyDecision
DNS/3223413Llanwern Steelworks - Llanwern Station & Associated WorksTransport for WalesTransportPre Application
DNS/3236340Mor Hafren Energy Recovery FacilityMor Hafren BiopowerEnergyPre Application
DNS/3213643Mwdwl Eithin - Wind TurbinesClean Earth Energy LtdEnergyPre Application
DNS/3217391Parc Solar TraffwllParc Solar Traffwll LtdEnergyPre Application
DNS/3214305Pen-y-Fan - Power PlantPen-y-Fan Power LimitedEnergyWithdrawn
DNS/3220457Rush Wall Solar Park LtdRush Wall Solar Park LimitedEnergyPre Application
DNS/3213873Sudbrook - Peaking GasEnergion LtdEnergyDecision
TWA/3234121TWA - Morlais Demonstration ZoneMenter MonEnergyExamination
DNS/3213662Upper Ogmore - Wind TurbinesRenewable Energy Systems LtdEnergyPre Application
DNS/3214300Valero - Cogeneration FacilityValero Energy LtdEnergyDecided
DNS/3213154Vattenfall - Renewable EnergyVattenfall UKEnergyPre Application
DNS/3213639Wauntysswg - SolarElgin Energy EsCo Ltd - C/O - R P S Planning & DevelopmentEnergyRecommendation
DNS/3216558Wentlooge - renewable energy hubWentlooge Farmers' Solar Scheme LimitedEnergyPre Application