Register of applications

Below is a list of all applications for Developments of National Significance received by the Planning Inspectorate. Click on the links to view further information and the documents associated with each application. All associated documents can be accessed under the ‘Documents’ tab on the relevant application page.

ApplicationDeveloperDate of application submissionDate of  acceptanceStatus
DNS/3213968Llanwern - SolarGwent Farmers Community Solar Scheme Ltd20/02/201805/03/2018Decision
DNS/3213639Wauntysswg - SolarElgin Energy EsCo Ltd - C/O - R P S Planning & Development06/07/201802/08/2018Recommendation
DNS/3213487Coed Darcy STORPeak Gen Power 5 Limited17/06/201915/07/2019Examination
DNS/3213873Sudbrook - Peaking GasEnergion Ltd23/05/201811/06/2018Decision

Application documents

The application documents are publicly available and easily accessible. Documents for the above application can be viewed on the relevant page. To find out where you can view the application documents, contact the Planning Inspectorate case team (contact details can be found on the relevant page).

The Planning Inspectorate does not itself have the facilities to produce large quantities of printed material. The most appropriate means, and we expect the quickest means of obtaining copies of application documents will be to contact the developer.