Blackberry Lane Solar Park

Received 17 March 2021
From Mark and Donna Robinson


Dear Sir/Madam,

We live at **REDACTED** Upper Nash and are really concerned about this Solar Park going ahead. When we look out of our front windows towards Cosheston all we see are green fields and if this goes ahead we are worried that all we are going to see are fields of reflecting glass. We personally do not see any need for such a big area to be covered that is going to affect what is such an untouched view.
Is it really necessary for this application to be so big?
Is this not just an easy way to make money rather than using the land for the purpose it was originally set out for?
Farms should be farms our fields should be green for grazing and growing.
Please take this into consideration when making the decision.

Yours sincerely
Mark & Donna Robinson.