The selection shows documents received from the applicant in relation to the development consent order application.

Vol 4: Environmental Statement: Non-Technical Summary (Document Size: 2 MB)
Doc Ref No. BL004
Vol 2: Environmental Statement: Technical Appendices (Document Size: 73 MB)
Doc Ref No. BL002
Vol 3: Environmental Statement: Figures (Document Size: 44 MB)
Doc Ref No. BL003
Addendum to the Environmental Statement (Document Size: 115 KB)
Vol 1: Environmental Statement: Main Report (Document Size: 4 MB)
Doc Ref No. BL001
Application Form (Document Size: 80 KB)
Acceptance of Notification Letter (Document Size: 129 KB)
Pre-Application Consultation Report (Document Size: 2 MB)
Doc Ref No. BL007
Code of Construction Practice and Construction Environmental Management Plan (Document Size: 13 MB)
Doc Ref No. BL009
Existing and Proposed Elevations (Document Size: 672 KB)
Plan B
PINS Wales Pre-Application Advice (Document Size: 189 KB)
Application Boundary and Land Ownership (Document Size: 571 KB)
Plan D
Design and Access Statement (Document Size: 6 MB)
Doc Ref No. BL008
Non-EIA Assessments (Document Size: 8 MB)
Doc Ref No. BL005
Planning Statement (Document Size: 412 KB)
Doc Ref No. BL006
Site Topographical Survey (Document Size: 833 KB)
Plan C
Site Boundary and Indicative Layout (Document Size: 543 KB)
Plan A
Application Index (Document Size: 384 KB)
Doc Ref No. BL015