The selection shows documents received from the applicant in relation to the development consent order application.

Noise Impact Assessment (Document Size: 1 MB)
Landscape & Visual Impact Appraisal (Document Size: 651 KB)
Archaeological and Heritage Assessment (Document Size: 2 MB)
Landscape & Visual Impact Appraisal - Plans and Represenative Views (Document Size: 5 MB)
Ecological Impact Assessment (Great Crested Newts Addendum) (Document Size: 847 KB)
Tree Schedule (Document Size: 1 MB)
Battery Storage Noise Impact Appraisal (Document Size: 375 KB)
Glint and Glare Study (Document Size: 7 MB)
Landscape and Ecological Management Plan (Document Size: 744 KB)
Ecological Impact Assessment (Document Size: 2 MB)
Outline Construction and Environmental Management Plan (Document Size: 602 KB)
Flood Consequences Assessment (Document Size: 2 MB)
Transport Statement (Document Size: 3 MB)