Buttington Quarry - ERF

Received 19 April 2021
From Webb, Julia


Dear Planning Inspectorate... Incineration of waste - in this day and age - is not commensurate with any targets to get global warming to reduce/stop. This application should not be approved. As we are very nearby residents (we can hear the earth-moving, ground works in the quarry) and members of the general public... we don’t - of course - understand all the science... more qualified people can explain the utter inappropriateness of this application. It’s proposed very near many established rural homes (and near in fact Welshpool - different wind directions and all that) and a school, such a plan should never come to fruition... never. This beautiful valley (which has inversion and regularly keeps the atmosphere trapped in the valley - a fact which should never be ignored)... well this valley is home to so many families and a school, so not only would there be health affecting pollution from the chimney - but pollution from vehicles importing waste from out of this area. Incinerated waste will be totally unacceptable to the world soon - it already is an outmoded/old fashioned method/operation (and the Welsh Governing body seems to be thinking this way now which is fantastic)... so there is no longevity in this proposal. Nothing should be approved in this 21st Century which affects the well-being of people - very especially children who should never be subjected to such pollution. Also never should anything happen to the detriment of the natural environment or - as mentioned - people’s health - for the sake of a financial gain. “Wrong idea and definitely wrong place” There is no local problem which needs this incinerator - and importing waste and then burning it - from elsewhere - is unimaginative. A very large number of people feel strongly about this application. I hope they let you know. My husband and I are actually extremely worried [***REDACTED***]about this. Your best attentions and very logical/sensible and scientifically appropriate ruling would be very much appreciated. Thank you.