Buttington Quarry - ERF

Received 27 April 2021
From Mrs Ritchie


I do not agree with the planning proposal of the Buttington incinerator IT SHOULD NOT BE GIVEN PLANNING PERMISSION

The facts are
The welsh government have set a new memorandum to halt on ANY new large scale plans that was with immediate effect in MARCH 21 that there is NO need for the incinerator as it no longer fits in with the forward plan to be carbon free

Can you please tell me how you can even consider this if you have made a decision NO LARGE SCALE INCINERATORS ??

Air pollution from incinerators with researchers from the Birmingham university’s KILLS OVER 8.7 million people a year

FACT waste from burning is NOT low carbon

We don’t even have garden burn fires any more so why would we even consider this

This incinerator will harm people and the environment, the Welsh government want zero carbon FACT that can be achieved if the incinerator is REJECTED

FACT The incinerators burn anything which is NOT MOTORED as most of the waste comes from private providers and are not accountable for disclosing what is in the waste

Fact this is unacceptable when there are better ways with reducing plastic alone that incinerators are not needed

A lot of issues make this incinerator not viable and NOT WANTED

ITS close to a school FACT
This will effect the health of the children DO WE WANT OUR CHILDREN TO DIE YOUNG ?

We are burning rubbish that we don’t need to THE WAY FORWARD IS TO RECYLE

The fact is N H S Drs have been to see the prime minister with all the evidence that these incinerators cause serious long term health issues [***REDACT***] health conditions and any new pregnancies are resulting in Still births FACT

In areas of incinerator there have been a considerable amount of still births FACT

FACT broad energy have not considered the road and Cefn bridge which can not take any more lorries there are endless accidents and deaths On there plans they do not show the bridge but they would be using this every day

Broad Engegy have not despite asking them 4 times about the removal of the Ash which some WILL be TOXIC
how are they going to transport it ?
How many lorries a day will it be to remove the ASH ?
You need to find out the answer

FACT the local community home owners property will decrease in value , leaving most residents unable to move THIS IS NOT ACCEPTABLE

FACT The Welsh government plans do not include incinerators

FACT the 300 hundred jobs is NOT TRUE specialist workers would be brought in to erect the incinerator they are not local jobs

The location is WRONG Trewern has eversions most days and stay in the valley and don’t disperse so the TOXINS from the Chimmy would be in that eversion and so the toxics will stay in the air effecting the health of the local residents even more FACT