Buttington Quarry - ERF

Received 02 May 2021
From Peter hillcox


To whom it may concern,

Ref dns/3214813 .

I believe that the proposed incinerator, given its potential capacity will need to import from a very wide area waste , there is certainly insufficient waste material available locally . Inevitably much of that waste will be sourced from England and will have travelled considerably long distances at an environmental cost .

The proposed development will have a wide and varied impact on not only on the immediate community but the wider area as well , in that respect I fully concur with the findings of the locally formed Buttington Incinerator Impact Group, and wish you to include those comments as part of my representation.

I am sure that given that the inspectorate are knowledgeable with regard to this type of application there is little point in reminding them of the issues that others will have obviously already raised. However. With respect what the inspectorate will not have is sufficient knowledge of Just how obscene and inappropriate it is to even consider such a proposal in what is a very beautiful area of countryside, the area is the gateway to Wales for visitors that have travelled from the West Midlands and beyond , we welcome them by tradition , however we should not be welcoming their industrial waste for incineration.that should be dealt with by them at a local level .

May I thank you for including this submission for your consideration.

Yours sincerely, Peter hillcox .