Buttington Quarry - ERF

Received 03 May 2021


I wish to object to the proposed building of an Industrial Waste Incinerator
by Border Energy at site of the Buttington Quarry. My reasons are as follows.

The Welsh Government have issued a moratorium on the building of Industrial
Waste Incinerators above 10 mega watts – in light of this why is the Planning Authority allowing
Border Energy to proceed with the application ?

The proposed capacity of 150,000 tonnes per annum far exceeds the amount of
Industrial Waste produced on the whole of Wales – the feedstock will therefore have to
be transported by large HGV vehicles from across the border adding greatly to the carbon
emissions from HGV's in both countries.

The feedstock necessary to burn 150,000 tonnes per annum will involved approx
70 delivery vehicles per day using the A458 which is already running at full capacity
The route will involve the use of 2 very narrow bridges 1 over the River Severn – the
other over the main Mid Wales to Shrewsbury railway line at Cefn which has seen a
regular number of accidents resulting in road closures and delays.

The number of HGV movements does not include those necessary burnt waste from the
site – despite repeated requests to Border Energy as the possible toxic content and amount of waste
I have been unable to obtain any information.

What does the term Industrial Waste cover ? - will all incoming feedstock be checked for
content as many industrial products give off toxic fumes when incinerated – what is the for example
a consignment of asbestos waste being not being declared or checked prior to incineration

How will the flue gas be monitored for levels of toxicity in the local area as the prevailing winds will carry the gases over Trewern – Criggion and possibly as far as Middleton – the area is also
prone to inversion with cloud levels very low over the local hills thereby trapping any flue gas
for long periods of time.

Also in the direct path for the prevailing wind and within approx
1mile for the flue stock is the local Junior School of about 150 children
I have no doubt the smell that is associated with such industrial plants will – especially in the summer months be such that any outdoor activity will be rendered impossible – we are not even allowed garden bonfires in Powys
so to allow such an amount of atmospheric pollution

The Welsh Government has stated the its aim is for a Low Carbon environment in the near future how the incineration of 150,000 tonnes of industrial waste into the atmosphere will Not contribute to this target aim is beyond me.

The effect on local employment will be very small – any construction work would have to be carried out by specialist contractors due to the nature of work involved

THE HEATH ISSUES FOR US ALL LOCALLY cancers still births for the future generation
Fact N H S Drs have lobbed the government with factual information from incineration that cause deaths

Mr Ritchie