Buttington Quarry - ERF

Received 04 May 2021
From Kate Roberts on behalf of Mr & Mr D G Thomas


To The Planning Inspectorate,

Planning ref: DNS/3214813

I am writing to you regarding to the above planning application for the incinerator at Buttington Quarry.

We strongly object to the incinerator being built at this location.
The entrance and exit to the Quarry is across the road from our property SY21 8SU this is used 24hrs a day already?
We have had serious accidents over the years outside our entrance and the Quarry entrance which include several accidents that have knocked our bricked wall in our garden down and the debris hitting our house. Plus there have been plenty more accidents along the length of the A458 even with a 50mph speed restrictions applied.
We are concerned about the increasing danger of the traffic coming in and out of this entrance that will occur with this incinerator proposal. We are also concerned of all the fumes and smells that will come with this incinerator as this will have a big impact *** REDACTED*** along with the price of our property.

Kind Regards

Mr & Mrs D G Thomas