Buttington Quarry - ERF

Received 05 May 2021
From Christine Doody


To whom it may concern.
I am very concerned about the proposed incinerator at Buttington. The proposed site is very close to Buttington Trewern primary school (machinery clearing the site could easily been seen from the school playground) which is a thriving school with around 150 pupils on role. The pollution and carbon emissions produced by the incinerator could seriously affect the health of the children attending the school, as well as the residents of Cefn, Buttington Trewern and Middletown. It is concerning the villages of Trewern and Middletown are not even marked on the map showing the proposed site of the incinerator.
Wales has a good record of recycing particularly in Mid-Wales, improving recycing facilities and reducing waste is a more environmental sustainable way to deal with waste.
The Welsh Government have placed a moratorium on new large scale incinerator developments, so why is this incinerator planning application being processed.
As Powys does not produce enough domestic rubbish to warrant an incinerator, waste will have to be brought in from all over the country this will increase the number of HGV's that will be travelling over Cefn bridge where lots of accidents already happen, damaged to the bridge recently meant months of traffic lights and delays. These HGV's will be travelling past the school giving off carbon monoxide which is harmful to children's health and development.
How will ash from the site be disposed of as it will be toxic and could harm the environment. If the ash is to be taken away probably some distance, this will raise the carbon footprint of the site something that the UK as a whole is trying to reduce.
The site is situated in beautiful countryside, Mid-Wales relays heavily on tourism an incinerator on the side of the road near Welshpool signposted the gateway to Mid-Wales is not an inviting sight, and is likely to mean holidaymakers will not stay in the area.
Altogether I object to the proposed incinerator as the site is too close to a primary school and residential areas and could effect the physical and mental health of children and residents alike.The site is not economical as waste will have to travel large distances to get to the site and the same for ash leaving the site. Reducing and recycing waste have more environmental sustainability. The incinerator will also have a negative effect on the beautiful countryside reducing tourism.
Yours sincerely Christine