Buttington Quarry - ERF

Received 09 May 2021
From Patricia & Phillip Wynne


Dear Sir/Madame

We are writing to you to express our comments and concerns on the application for ERF at Buttington Quarry.

The pollution generated by the incinerator of this size, whilst considered harmless by ‘expert’ modelling, doesn’t take into account the unique topography, with regular inversions which would trap the pollution around the school and villages. This will have a detrimental affect on peoples health and wellbeing.

As the Welsh Government, and people in Wales have been vigilantly dedicated to reducing waste, and so, according to the business modelling of Broad Energy there will be a need for most of the waste to be imported from . This does not seem a plausible reason for Broad Energy to have this incinerator set up in this location. The incinerator should be on an industrial park, near the waste with good traffic links.

The local traffic links to the incinerator are poor and the road approaching the development could be classed as dangerous.

There are two bridges either side of the approach to the development both very narrow two lane double bends and require a limit down to 5-10 miles upon their approach and traversing. There have been numerous accidents on the Cefn bridge, and often months of one lane traffic during times of awaiting repair and during repair. They are both difficult bridges for any large vehicles to manoeuvre along, let alone the HGV traffic which will be used for the transportation for the incinerator, and it should be pointed out that there are no other routes in order to get to the incinerator, all of this will cause a great deal of difficulty and danger for everyday traffic.

If absolutely necessary an incinerator should be on an industrial park, near the waste it needs to dispose of and with good traffic links. The developers haven’t taken into account the fact that waste will have to be shipped over long distances and the infrastructure around Buttington won’t be able to handle this kind of industry.

Also, it is most unlikely that the incinerator will give gainful employment to local people, as it will need specialist developers and operators.

Incinerators are not at all ‘low carbon’ as the developers suggest and produce almost as much carbon as a coal-fired power station, and play a detrimental role in climate change. Along with this taking into account the amount of haulage this development is going to ensue for its everyday use it beggars belief that it is even being considered at all.

Yours Sincerely
Patricia & Phill Wynne