Buttington Quarry - ERF

Received 11 May 2021
From Gaynor Hand


I have a number of objections to the incinerator, but my main three are as follows:

Firstly, my understanding is that waste and recycling should be collected from the surrounding area, it should not be being brought in to a disposal centre from other areas. I don't see how this applies to the Buttington incinerator. Powys is the largest county in Wales with the smallest population and has the best waste and recycling performance already, so where is all the waste coming from? It's clearly going to be transported in from not only other areas within Wales from over the border with England. This surely goes completely against the whole ethos of the process, wracking up long road journeys and producing all the pollution that goes with them to get the waste to incinerator? At a time when we're all being told we have to reduce our carbon footprint, how does that make any sense?

Secondly, I strongly object to the fumes and pollution that will be belching out in to the atmosphere less than a mile from a primary school, two substantial residental developments and numerous other residential dwellings and farms. This is not a sparsely populated area, the plan is to insert the incinerator into an area where it will have residential premises all around it's perimeter, it is not in the middle of open ground. The pollution is a major concern, I cannot believe that this can be considered acceptable for the local community. There are so many much more suitable locations, it's incredible to me that the middle of village would be even considered a possibility.

And thirdly, the access is terrible. The A458 is very poor, it hasn't been developed in over a hundred years despite being the main arterial route into mid Wales. There are no stretches of dual carriageway between Shrewsbury and the incinerator site, there are few places for overtaking and the road is very busy all the time, particularly during the summer months with holiday makers. The railway bridge in Trewern is a major black spot, there was a minor accident that caused damage to the bridge before Christmas which resulted in temporary traffic lights and single file traffic for four months this year, the same thing happened last year and the road is frequently closed in the summer due to accidents on the other side of the bridge. The access to the incinerator site itself is shocking, there have been so many accidents there since the Speed Courier company has been there, not to mention the very many near misses. The original document stated four lorries an hour entering and leaving the site, but that will increase and the local road infrastructure is just not suitable for a constant stream of heavy vehicles. The inconvenience, pollution and increase in traffic for the local community is not, in my opinion, acceptable.

I could go on but I think these three points alone are more than enough. I'm aware that major work on the site has already started, which is shocking considering the permission has not even been granted yet. The owners are obviously very confident that the planning permission deal is done but I do sincerely hope that you will consider the objections favourably. For myself, [***REDACT***] I do really feel for the young families living here who are genuinely worried for their children's health and futures, worry which I'm sure is more than justified.