Buttington Quarry - ERF

Received 17 May 2021
From John Michael Ashton



***REDCACTED***.’ The developers have started with a location and attempted to make it fit their plans. The site is in the wrong place.

Transport of the raw waste and resulting ‘ash’ constitutes a major problem. Access would be on a constricted road that suffers from traffic jams during the tourist season. It is close to a notorious bridge, an accident black spot on the A458. Cefn Bridge has been the source of crashes, bridge repairs, traffic-light hold-ups and resulting air pollution close to existing residential and school developments.

The ideal site should be in an open, flat area in the lee of any human settlement. It should have transport access (road or rail) that is easy to develop and maintain. Pollutants would be safely dispersed into the atmosphere rather than confined within a bottle-neck of hillsides which can concentrate the emissions that are likely to be further retained by the geography and local meteorological conditions. Many of the houses of Trewern and Middletown, the primary school and caravan site are directly down-wind of the prevailing air movements. It is dubious whether the proposed flue would be adequate to stop localised deposition of pollutants.

This is the wrong place. It is on the edge of the Welsh map, nowhere near sources of urban and industrial waste material. As a Welsh initiative it appears counter intuitive. How far will the transport have to travel, with its increased carbon footprint? Does the Welsh government need extra incineration at this time? How much material will have to be carried in from England just to make the operation seem viable? And if the sorting and recycling provisions are improved in the near future, will there be a continued need for this plant?

Is there a real need for this facility?
Will it do the right job in the short or long term?
Is it in the right place?

At the moment it appears to be a Procrustean design: shrink the baby to fit the pram rather than buy a pram to fit the baby. It is a bad location.

John Michael Ashton 17/5/21