Buttington Quarry - ERF

Received 18 May 2021
From Robin Breakwell


I am wholeheartedly against this planned development. I have listed my main objections and can’t think of any positives for the local community, county of Powys or Wales as a whole.

1. Risk of health issues for local residents
2. Air quality, unusual weather patterns in valley (temperature inversion etc)
3. Environmental issues
4. Proximity to school
5. Strains on local road network, narrow bridges from both directions
6. We should be using less single use plastics and recycling far more. This will actually create a demand for waste to burn.
7. Increased road pollution, example 20 mile max speed going through Trewern outside of the school
8. Location so close to border, considering the site at Shrewsbury. Why aren’t locations central to Powys being considered?
9. What guarantees are there that it will be to service to Powys only? How far afield will rubbish be brought in from? Powys does not have a need for a development of this size.
10. Queueing of lorries waiting to be emptied.
11. Ash - how much will be produced, estimate is 25% of gross?, what will happen to it, i.e. further processing & removal. This is not mentioned.
12. Inaccurate measurements in proposal – it is actually 52m from a residents’ bedroom
13. Government commitment to zero CO2.
14. Visual impact in a rural setting, damage to local tourism & businesses
15. Pressures on local community during building/construction phase. Weekends / late nights?