Buttington Quarry - ERF

Received 18 May 2021
From Dr and Mrs Owen


The Planning Inspectorate
Crown Buildings
Cathays Park
Cardiff CF10 3NQ 18th May 2021

Dear Sirs,

Ref: Buttington Quarry – ERF, DNS/3214813

We object to the proposed incinerator for a variety of reasons.

1. The location of the proposed Buttington Incinerator is totally inappropriate and a significant health hazard to the local populations of Buttington and Trewern being sited towering above a thriving primary school and housing estate popular with young families. Another housing estate is close by in the low lying area of Trewern and vulnerable to the toxic environment that would emit from the incinerator.

2. If the situation were reversed and the incinerator was already in place no school or houses would be allowed to be built in the area due to health concerns about toxic waste polluting the atmosphere.

3. Trewern and the A458 lie in the valley between The Long Mountain and Moel y Golfa and due to this it is prone to lingering mists and heavier particles cannot easily escape. Waste from the incinerator would thus gather and linger with detrimental effects on all of us.

4. We are lucky enough to live in a listed Georgian estate extending across both sides of the A458 which over the years we have built up into being a significant local asset with a thriving number of visitors who we are happy to welcome for a range of charities including those who visit through the National Garden Scheme. You can see this by searching Maesfron Hall and Gardens on the internet. The presence of the incinerator would have a very damaging impact on all the work we have done over the years.

5. The whole country having suffered so badly due to Covid 19 it is amazing that the government is even considering allowing the Buttington incinerator to be given planning permission and endangering the future health of the local population and in particular the primary school children living under it for approximately 39 weeks each year.

6. This area is becoming increasingly popular as a good healthy place to live as families look to provide a better environment in the light of the Covid effect. Hence a gigantic incinerator spewing out toxins is an insane concept.

7. There is no need for such a facility and all efforts should be concentrated in reducing waste and not encouraging its production by permitting incinerators such as the one proposed.

8. The main A458 road whilst called a “trunk road” because of its geographical importance to both Wales and England is in very poor condition in the Buttington/Trewern area. Powys County Council had to try and repair the road surface outside our property earlier this year following an incident involving a lorry on the instructions of the North & Mid Wales Trunk Road Agent and described the road surface as “shot” due to the amount of traffic and in particular the high volume of heavy goods vehicles day after day and that whilst they did what they could to make it safer it was just a sticking plaster and substantial professional repairs were required. Hence it would be at the least foolish and potentially negligent to encourage a higher concentration of large lorries to have to use the road which would be inevitable if the incinerator was allowed.

9. The A458 road in the Buttington/Trewern area has a poor safety record as it is a narrow road which has to be treated as a main trunk road due to the abandonment of plans to build a much needed Buttington/Trewern bypass. In addition it has two dangerous narrow bridges a short distance either side of the proposed incinerator site. The Cefn railway bridge has had two accidents involving lorries over the past couple of years meaning that it had to be restricted to one way traffic controlled by traffic lights for a considerable period of time pending repairs. It is quite possible that a vehicle could come off the bridge and land on a moving train or the track and the more traffic there is the more likely there will be more serious accidents.

10. The A458 is likely to be exceptionally busy this Summer and for the foreseeable future due to the UK “opening up” but foreign travel currently being difficult and expensive. Welshpool after all does describe itself as The Gateway to Mid Wales. This increased holiday traffic is likely to increase for some years to come as people discover the delights of the area. An incinerator in Buttington is going to damage the area and its natural habitats as well as those of the human population.

We feel there must be a more suitable project for the site which would enhance the area, create jobs for the local population and wealth for the site owners rather than the dangerous and environmentally harmful incinerator under consideration which is alienating the community. A fine example of this is the other very successful industrial parks nearby, for example The Offa’s Dyke Business Park approximately half a mile from the proposed incinerator site.

Thus the current plans and proposals should be totally rejected by The Planning Inspectorate as soon as possible so that we can all breathe easily knowing that our future health and wellbeing is not to be jeopardised by a totally unnecessary incinerator.

Yours sincerely,

Dr T.D. Owen M.Sc. Ph.D.

Mrs M.A. Owen M.Sc.