Buttington Quarry - ERF

Received 18 May 2021
From Huw Jones


Dear DNS Wales,
I am writing in support of the Buttington Quarry ERF incinerator. As a Montgomeryshire resident – I feel the incinerator will support the area economically, by providing skilled jobs – as well as making Wales more accountable for the way it deals with waste.
It is my view that Montgomeryshire desperately needs new skilled private sector jobs (particularly in light of proposed factory closures in the area) in roles such as engineering – which the Buttington facility would provide. Many young people (including myself) are having to look out of the area due to a lack of local jobs in such sectors. By keeping these jobs and more young people living in Montgomeryshire – it will help support the economy, and increase demand for facilities such as schools in the local area. I do not want to see the Montgomeryshire economy turned into one of second homes and retirees. We need a strong private sector economy to support this.
Powys currently has one of the highest recycling rates in the United Kingdom which continues to rise, with ambitious targets set by the Welsh Government being within reach of the local authority. There is no reason why the construction of an incinerator in Powys should change these targets or these excellent recycling rates.
Residual waste from Powys is currently being ‘exported’ by road to a similar facility in South Gloucester – taking with it skilled jobs from Mid-Wales. This is a distance of over 100 miles by road from some parts of North Powys. This brings high transportation carbon dioxide emissions from the diesel lorries which transport our waste daily to Gloucester. There is therefore a positive environmental impact from local incineration, when compared to the long distance incineration model we are currently using.
There’s a saying “out of sight, out of mind”. Wales needs to be accountable for the waste it produces, and needs to have sufficient facilities to deal with the waste we as a country produce. We should not be reliant on England to deal with the worst of Welsh waste. There are only two methods of disposing of residual waste which are currently economic – landfill and incineration. In my opinion landfill is a bad solution, as it creates problems for future generations and fails to deal with the issue today.
Incineration with Energy Recovery in Wales needs to be a part of the landscape and economy until such time that better technological alternatives and higher recycling rates become a reality over the next two decades.

Kind regards,
H Jones