Buttington Quarry - ERF

Received 18 May 2021
From Meg


I strongly object to the build the Buttington Incinerator and I object giving the permission to incinerate waste.
In my opinion the presentation of this Incinerator as a step to reaching the zero carbon target of the Government is highly misleading, and burning waste is causing toxic emissions which will be distributed via a chimney all over Buttington and Welshpool.
Further the transport of the waste will happen according to the information leaflet from the Incinerator applicant by road transport which will put huge amounts of HGV traffic on a road which is stretched to a high degree already with the current existing traffic, as the A458 from Shrewsbury to Welshpool is a major east-west connection from the Midlands to Wales. As the overwhelming majority of road transport with HGV at this moment is done by diesel fuelled lorries I cannot see how that fact would fit into a zero carbon strategy?
Aside of these points I object on the base that this incinerator, in order to run viable, would consistently need huge amounts of waste and by-products to reach safe burning temperatures to avoid dioxin being created and emitted, and for an estimated running time of the facility of a guess of 15 years would need to be kept running on waste, which should rather be reduced, or otherwise recycled.