Buttington Quarry - ERF

Received 17 May 2021
From Peter Falloon


I would like to formally object to the planned Buttington Incinerator (Ref DNS/3214813) on the following grounds:

The future of waste management does not lie with incineration and contradicts Wales’ future commitments to its Towards Zero Waste policy.

The site of Buttington Quarry is not correct for processing waste of any significant amount from Wales and will see it receiving waste from over the border. The A458 is an unsuitable road for the increase in HGV traffic which would be required to constantly supply the plant with material to burn.

There is a primary school less than a mile from the site in Trewern, vital to a community who would be devastated should the application be approved.

It’s fair to say Trewern is also the gateway to Mid Wales and sees many, many tourists travelling through. Should their first impression of Wales be an incinerator chimney, it’s difficult to justify how this could ever be positive and reflect well on Wales as a destination for tourism.

The company behind the application have tried to ‘greenwash’ the proposal and claim that incineration is in some way an environmentally responsible act. Burning waste is a profit making exercise and this is precisely why the company was formed.

The people potentially affected by this incinerator, myself included deserve better and Wales as a country has more to offer than becoming the waste processing plant for England and a gold mine for Broad Energy and their international partners.

Please refuse this application and fully commit to the moratorium on incinerators in Wales.

Yours sincerely,
Peter Falloon