Buttington Quarry - ERF

Received 18 May 2021
From Geoff Vine


Ref: DNS/3214813

I would like to support the Stop Buttington Incinerator Group in their protest about the planned Incinerator at Buttington Quarry. I support all their arguments, especially the very dangerous situation of the main Welshpool/Shrewsbury road. Many more lorries using the incinerator will cause chaos on an already dangerous stretch of road over the railway.
My main concern is this: the health of local children at the school and other people in the area, and the fact that in decision making the health of locals always seems to come second to the economy. I was involved in a similar protest in the local village of Leighton, about the developnment of a mega factory farm that would house 1000 cows indoors. The farm was within 100 yards of Leighton CP School and as chair of Governors I was a member of a village protest group against the development. My main concern was that it posed serious threats to the health of the children. Many health experts supported us on this. A Public Enquiry was held and the Inspector supported our objections. It was then overturned by the Welsh Government which put economic gains over environmental issues involving children.

I feel there is a very close connection with the proposed incinerator, as it will be very close to a local school. I hope that this time more thought will be given to the environment and child health over the economy of a company. The fact that the proposed development was expanded so that Powys County Council would not be involved and the final decision would rest with the Welsh Government is very worrying.

GEOFF vINE resident of Leighton, Powys