Buttington Quarry - ERF

Received 19 May 2021
From Mr Gary Morgan


In 2018 I purchased a family home in Trewern [***REDACT***]. Shortly thereafter I became aware of the Broad Energy proposal to build an incinerator just a short distance away. You can imagine the sinking feeling that I felt at this point knowing that there would always be a doubt in my mind that by living here I would be endangering [***REDACT***] my family and myself. Whilst I am not a scientist and Broad Energy have stated that there will only be a small risk to human health I really don't want there to be any risk at all to [***REDACT***] my family.

Please see sense and reject the application. This would be an industrial facility located in a rural location which is a complete mismatch and if at all, should be located in an industrial area. [***REDACT***] please do not allow this to take place so close to a residential area.[***REDACT***] consider purchasing a site in a suitable location well away from people's homes.