Buttington Quarry - ERF

Received 20 May 2021
From Karin Thompson


Re DNS/3214813: Buttington Quarry ERF
I wish to register my objection to this proposal in the strongest possible terms. There are many reasons for this, several of which have been picked up in comments by others. I therefore wish to emphasise some that are particularly relevant to me as a resident of this beautiful rural area:
- There is no proven need for a massive industrial incinerator in this part of Wales
- Granting the application would not only be contrary to Welsh Government's current policies and published strategies, but also risks the significant progress made across Cymru to improve recycling and reduce landfill as the Buttington incinerator will have to import waste from England and further afield to achieve viability.
- The rural location is unsuitable for a large industrial incinerator. Not only would it be a blight on the landscape, the local topography leads to frequent temperature inversions which would trap emissions from the plant in the valley.
- Unemployment locally, pre-pandemic, was low and likely to remain so. The applicant makes much of the jobs claimed for the proposal. Any created by the incinerator need to be weighed against the negative impact on the sustainability of the host community, through the reduced attractiveness of the local primary school and planned housing developments, and the knock-on effect on tourism-based employment which is of greater long-term benefit to the area and to Wales as a whole.
- The developer's claims about local jobs are unsubstantiated, and far from being of benefit to the local economy, any permanent roles will be specialised and recruited from elsewhere. In the short term, examples from across the country show that the workforce during the construction phase will be brought into to the area, overwhelming our small community and jeopardising local tourist initiatives.
- The local community has been concerned about this proposal since it was first floated in 2016, and over the last 5 years we have seen the scheme become bigger and more alarming. It brings no benefit to the area [***REDACT***]

We are a community of less than 1,500 residents and with few resources to challenge a multi-national company. The numbers expressing their views would always have smaller than in more urban areas, but at a time of national emergency, we have also had to contend with consultations taking place during lockdown, and election purdah, when public meetings to interrogate the proposals have not been possible, we have not been able to debate issues with our neighbours or seek full engagement with our elected representatives; neither have residents without access to the internet been able to examine hard copy documents.[***REDACT***] I am concerned that a lack of numbers submitting representations may be taken as an indication that the community of Trewern/Middletown/Buttington & Hope is neutral about the application.