Buttington Quarry - ERF

Received 20 May 2021
From Kim Richards


Thank you for the opportunity to comment on the above planning application at Buttington, Powys (Reference number: DNS/3214813). I wish to object to above application for the following reasons:

The proposed location is unsustainable
Any development of this type will impact on both the landscape and local community
The existing infrastructure and transport links are not suitable for the amount of traffic generated by the proposal.
Existing recycling centre (Potters) in Welshpool to deal with waste from this area and around.
No need for an additional facility just 5 miles away
The proposed development is not to serve the local community or area and the majority of waste will be brought in from outside the county.
Other incinerator plants around England and Wales are located near to major road networks for ease of transporting the waste to and from.
Concerns about air pollution and carbon emissions from incinerators
Close proximity to the local community (Trewern and Buttington) and the local primary school
No benefit to the local community
Proposed 70 metre stack will be visible from the immediate and surrounding area
External finish of the building is a large factory and the stack will appear incongruous in this rural area
Plumes of smoke or vapour will be seen rising above into the sky, again being something which would be out of character for a rural landscape.
Unlikely that any camouflage will address its industrial appearance