Buttington Quarry - ERF

Received 20 May 2021
From Lisa Parkinson


The following representation is in regard to the proposed development of a large scale Energy Recovery Facility at Buttington Quarry, by Broad Energy (Wales) Ltd.

The recent Welsh Government document ; Beyond Recycling: A Strategy to make the Circular Economy in Wales a reality (March 2nd 2021) states on page 32:

“ In addition to our headline actions, we will also:
place a moratorium on any future large scale energy from waste developments, as the increase in recycling and reduction in waste already seen means that we will not need any new large scale energy from waste infrastructure to deal with the residual waste generated in Wales.”

The same document also states (page 19.)

“The amount of waste produced by Welsh industries and commercial sectors in 2018 reduced by 22% (800,000 tonnes) compared to the previous 2012 survey”

and on household waste:

“Despite the progress we have made, our latest analysis identified 180,000 tonnes of Local Authority collected municipal waste was potentially reusable.”

These statistics seem to imply that Wales is making good progress towards Zero Waste and also that there is immediate potential for further improvements.

Pollution from the site whilst under construction and during its lifetime is both a local and a global issue.
Increased traffic to and from the site has been estimated at 96 lorry movements per day, plus additional traffic for ash removal and the proposed educational visits, this will lead to:

- pollution from diesel fumes and brake and tyre dust.
- greater potential for traffic accidents on the well-known blackspot at Cefn Bridge.
- traffic displacement onto Heldre Lane, a narrow, country lane used by walkers and residents.
- increased noise pollution locally.
- footings and foundations of the 19 historic or listed buildings within 1km of the development could be adversely affected.

Pollution generated by emissions from the chimney itself will have a significant effect on the health and wellbeing of local residents. The development site is primarily residential (with 27 houses proposed within the LDF for Trewern) and very close to a school:

- frequent local weather inversions will cause pollution from vehicles and the incinerator emissions to descend to street level.
- a visible plume (as mentioned in the report) may lead to poor visibility on the road, or reach across to the next village, Middletown, which will be level with the top of the chimney.

The following issues are particular to the local community:
- the development in general is overbearing and will adversely affect the setting of the area, the height and scale of the chimney will be obtrusive.
- the site contains and is surrounded by SSSI’s.

In conclusion, the proposed development is both contrary to Welsh Government pledges towards a Zero Waste, Circular Economy and would have a devastating impact on the health and wellbeing of the local population were it to be granted permission.