Buttington Quarry - ERF

Received 21 May 2021
From Keith Hand


I wish to strenuously object to the Buttington Incinerator development as follows:

First and foremost, the Welsh Government have made clear that there should be no incinerator construction in Wales. The government has stated their aim to achieve zero emissions and their desire and intention to promote their green credentials so bearing in mind those facts alone, I can see no reason for this planning permission to even be considered. But on the basis that it is being considered the following points illustrate why the site is completely unsuitable.

Location: The site is at the bottom of a valley which is frequently shrouded in low cloud. Emmissions from the incinerator will be held down over the village which has two sizeable residential developments and numerous surrounding properties and farms, some of which have boundaries adjacent to the development site not to mention a primary school less than a mile away. Really, an incinerator next to a school? Who would ever considerable appropriate?

In addition, the wind direction is most commonly blowing up the valley, which means that fumes will be blown over Trewern and will be below the level of Middletown by the time they get there. Which is why incinerators should never be built on low ground, they should be built on high ground so that the fumes are emitted into the atmosphere above any developed areas and will continue to rise before disipating.

Access: The road access is poor from whichever direction the site approached, but particularly via the A458. This is the main road from England into mid wales, it's always busy and is a very slow road, there is no dual carriage way and very few opportunities to overtake. The Cefn bridge is a major blackspot, there are frequent accidents and road closures and the access into the site itself is terrible. Again, there have been numerous accidents there since the Speed Courier company has been there. Traffic frequently queues to get over the bridge during the holiday season and heavy lorries heading to the site are only going to add to the road pollution problem.

Waste Disposal: Disposal of non recyclable waste should be done as near as possible to area in which the waste is produced. Powys produces only 20000 tonnes of this waste so there is clearly no requirement for an incinerator in this area. Therefore, the waste is obviously going to be brought into Wales from over the border. This does not fit with any of the information coming out of the Welsh Assembly. This is 100% NOT what the Welsh Assembly says it wants for Wales.

Tourism: This area is the 'Gateway to Wales'. Tourism is so important to this area, both people who come here to stay for a break and those who pass through on their way to the coast. This is a beautiful valley, the first impression a visitor gets of Wales as they travel down the hill into the valley from Middletown. People in Wales are so proud of the country and tourism is so important, the incinerator would be a massive blot on the landscape and should not be allowed as there is no practical need for it all.

Finally, I attended the last council meeting about the incinerator and was shocked that [***REDACT***] 25% of the waste being burned will be toxic, that they won't rule out that they will dispose of animal waste and that the road survey they carried out stopped at the border, which means that they only surveyed the road on the English side. Over the border into Wales, where the roads are narrower, pass through small villages and have the Cefn Bridge blackspot, were not included. These were actually only a few of the things that shocked me [***REDACT***]

I implore you not to allow this development to go ahead. There is absolutely no need for it and it will be a disaster for this area, its residents and Wales.