Buttington Quarry - ERF

Received 21 May 2021
From Vic Bray


Dear Inspectorate,

Having closely read the Buttington Incinerator Impact Groups report I whole heartedly support their opposition to this development.

I would like to add that research for the International Panel on Climate Change have identified that burning Residual Domestic Waste produces approximately 1 tonne of Carbon Dioxide for every tonne of waste incinerated. Therefore we have this plant generating a minimum of 167,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide to the atmosphere, this isn’t green this is filthy.

(EMISSIONS FROM WASTE INCINERATION paper was written by Mr. Bernt Johnke (Germany) and reviewed by Robert Hoppaus (IPCC/OECD/IEA), Eugene Lee (US), Bill Irving (USEPA), T. Martinsen (IPCC/OECD/IEA), and K. Mareckova (IPCC/OECD/IEA).

The road haulage of 167,000 tonnes of waste from towns and cities up to 2 hours drive time from Buttington Quarry is very carbon intensive. A typical modern articulated truck produces 921g of carbon dioxide per kilometre travelled ( figures from the UK’s Transport and Road Research Laboratory). 2 hours driving time in an articulated vehicle will easily generate 132Kg of carbon dioxide delivering the waste and a further 132Kg on the return journey. Broad Energy state each vehicle will deliver 15 tonnes of waste so it will take 11,134 journeys to deliver the waste and as many to go back to Birmingham, Burton-on-Trent, Llangefni, Stockport, etc. so that is another 3000 tonnes of carbon dioxide dedicated to burning the residual waste.

According to Stanford University a modern coal fired 13GW power station (the same size as the Buttington ERF) would produce 117,500 tonnes of carbon dioxide or nearly 50,000 tonnes per annum less. This project is carbon dioxide bonkers.

I heard Mr Hilditch-Brown on Radio Shropshire Tuesday 18Th May at approximately 7:20am. The planning application claims it will create 30 permanent jobs but, on the radio, he stated it would create 35 permanent jobs. Nottingham Eastcroft waste incinerator only employs 40 people and it is twice the size and over 40 years old. [***REDACT***]

Mid-Wales does not want or need to be the waste disposal capital of the UK. Waste should be disposed of close to it’s source of production. [***REDACT***]

The local population does not generate enough waste to support this plant, it would generate more carbon dioxide than a coal fired power station and not employ anywhere near the numbers promised.

I oppose this development in the strongest terms.


Vic Bray