Buttington Quarry - ERF

Received 22 May 2021
From Andrew Bentley


Dear Sir/ Madam,

Re: DNS/3214813

I would like to raise concerns about the proposed development for the Buttington Incinerator.

Climate change will be impacted through incinerator development, because they produce as much carbon dioxide as coal fuelled power stations which are being phased out.

Not only will the carbon emissions be high from the incinerator itself, but huge amounts of carbon will be produced by HGVs transporting waste over long distances including from England. There will be an additional carbon footprint which may not have been considered caused by production of the chemical needed to pre process the waste,

The toxic ash from the incinerator will be difficult to dispose of and could harm the environment.

Incineration is no better for the environment than landfill because of the amount of carbon they produce.

The incinerator will have an unsightly visual impact on what has always been a beautiful rural area on the welsh border and this will affect tourism. The suggested camouflaging, while looking effective in a photograph, could never be as effective in real life under varying light conditions..

The breath-taking views which can currently be enjoyed from the Breidden Hills and Long Mountain will be ruined by this development and the visual impact on people entering Wales from England on their holidays will be devastating. It’s hardly the impression the Welsh government should be encouraging when tourism surrounding Wales’ rugged beauty is so important. A far better use for the site would be a nature reserve and park along the lines of the Llanymynech former quarry, conversely this would help promote local tourism.

The impact on areas of historical interest surrounding the proposed incinerator site have been neglected such as Cefn Digoll and Bausley Hill.

We have unusual weather conditions in this valley and inversions are common. Low cloud is often stuck between the hills, and emissions from the incinerator would fall to the ground instead of being blown away. This is a major problem for young lungs that are still growing. The site is in very close proximity to a primary school so this a serious concern. The proposed site sits very low down and the winds would carry a constant stream of pollution towards Middletown which will be at about the same height as the chimney top of the incinerator.

The incinerator won’t be burning local waste, but will be shipping it from miles away, including England, to be burnt in the countryside.

Whilst I’ve been told that the incinerator is ‘silent’ the constant stream of lorries through Trewern and the surrounding areas will bring noise and pollution. Reversing sirens on the lorries themselves will also create noise outside the incinerator enclosure.

The incinerator won’t be burning local waste, but will be shipping it from miles away, including England, to be burnt in the countryside.

There will be little or no local employment created, because the skills required to build and run the incinerator will be specialist and imported.

The developers haven’t taken into account the fact that waste will have to be shipped over long distances and the infrastructure around Buttington won’t be able to handle this kind of industry. It should be on an industrial estate near bigger roads and better transport links.

Cefn Bridge is a crunch point literally and there have been numerous accidents over recent years. It won’t be long before someone dies and the increased HGV traffic for the incinerator will make this more and more likely.

Yours faithfully
Andrew Bentley