Buttington Quarry - ERF

Received 23 May 2021
From Anita Parkinson


Dear Sirs,

I wish to object to the Buttington Quarry Energy Recovery Facility for the following reasons:

The proposed development would be out of visual character of the surrounding area due to height and scale of the chimney. The development area includes a site of special scientific interest - Buttington Brickworks.

The possible adverse health effects for local residents caused by emissions from the proposed incinerator due to its close proximity to a primary school and being in a predominantly residential area. Buttington Quarry is not a suitable site for such a development.

The noise pollution emitting from the site both from the HGV traffic Monday to Saturday and from the operation of the incinerator 24/7. I believe this development would cause stress and have a significant impact on the Long term health and mental health of local residents, school children and employees not to mention the road safety aspect of HGVs passing a primary school on a regular basis.

The proposed development would increase the traffic on the A458 by a significant number of HGV movements per day taking waste to the site and removing residual Ash from the site. An increase in traffic on this road will add to the noise and air pollution in Buttington and Trewern and will increase the potential for accidents on a road that already has an accident black spot at nearby Cefn Bridge.

Increased traffic using the main trunk road may also cause traffic displacement with the potential for Heldre Lane, a narrow country lane, to be used as a by-pass around the Quarry site.

I am concerned that the extensive construction and earth moving works to build the incinerator may have a structural impact on nearby properties. If the proposal goes ahead survey/monitoring reports should be carried out on those properties to ensure any structural damage caused by the proposed works is rectified by the developer.

This proposed development appears to run counter to the Welsh Governments future waste strategy in Wales and goes against the drive to recycle, reuse and minimise waste.

I am not a local resident but I have strong feelings on how such a development could have a huge adverse effect on local residents and my family members who live close to the proposed site.