Buttington Quarry - ERF

Received 23 May 2021
From Heidi Bentley


To Whom It May Concern,

Reference: DNS/3214813

I am writing to object to the buttington incinerator.

Cefn Bridge has many accidents over the years, especially involving HGV lorries that regularly mean traffic light have to be in place. The increased HGV traffic for the incinerator will make this more and more likely. In addition the road between Welshpool and Shrewsbury is not good enough to accommodate extra HGV as there is also regular accidents along this route.

The incinerator won’t benefit myself in anyway yet I will have to live with the disadvantages.

Whilst I’ve been told that the incinerator is ‘silent’ the constant stream of lorries through Trewern and the surrounding areas will bring noise and pollution. Reversing sirens on the lorries themselves will also create noise outside the incinerator enclosure.

Incinerators are not at all ‘low carbon’ as the developers suggest and produce almost as much carbon as a coal-fired power station.

The incinerator at Buttington will not be low carbon as it will produce similar carbon emissions to a coal-fired power station which are being phased out by the government. Incinerators are not ‘low carbon’ and play a significant role in climate change.

The developers of the incinerator will import labour to build and run the plant and that it will have a negligible effect on local employment opportunities.

The incinerator won’t employ many local people anyway, because it will need specialist developers and operators.

Yours Sincerely