Buttington Quarry - ERF

Received 23 May 2021
From Craig Jones


Buttington Quarry - ERF
Planning Inspectorate Reference: DNS/3214813

I am writing to express my objections to the proposed development as mentioned above.
• As a direct neighbour [***REDACT***] from the proposed industrial development. We moved and purchased a property in a rural location [***REDACT***] I have huge concerns regarding [***REDACT***] health and well being [***REDACT***] if this development is to proceed, as the children will never be able to get away from the air pollution [***REDACT***]
• [***REDACT***] we have huge concerns over noise, smell and light pollution. The incinerator will be running 24hrs a day, so we will have no escape from it. Also, reversing sirens on lorries, and just additional vehicle noise, will all disturb the relative tranquility we currently experience. Light pollution, shining down into our property is another concern
• The Geography of the area results in significant weather inversions, which means despite the height of the stack, pollutants will pool over the local area, causing increased health issues.
• [***REDACT***]. We have spent the last 3 years renovating a farm cottage, and creating a family home. This development will significantly affect the value of the property and if the proposal goes ahead result in the property being worth significantly less than what it was purchased for (despite improvements) and be much more difficult for us to sell to move away from this horrific development.
• [***REDACT***] the developers have not engaged with us [***REDACT***] During the relevant zoom meeting’s the difficult questions were filtered out and left unanswered, [***REDACT***], and despite sending a list of questions as requested which they assured us they would address and respond to, we have not heard from them at all.
• With the proposed development being very close to the local primary school, I am very worried about the safety of all the children that attend the school, as well as my own. Not only in terms of pollution, but also in respect of the increased traffic levels, and volume of traffic having to pass by the school entrance. This road already sees the highest increase of traffic during the summer months due to it being the main road into Wales for tourists. There are already lots of accidents on the Cefn Bridge involving HGV’s, cars and Bikes and to then add a constant stream of HGVs in and out of the incinerator site makes this road even more dangerous for everyone involved as well as an increase in the associated vehicle pollution and noise.
• Significant increased road usage to A458, shipping in non recyclable waste and removing ash. This is a busy road from the West Midlands to the coast, and currently subject to increased accident levels and road closures due to the sharp bends on this stretch over the Cefn bridge
• There is not a local need for this incinerator and it will not be burning local waste (Powys as a county does not produce enough waste to feed this incinerator). The waste will have to be shipped in from miles away, including England, to be burnt in our local rural countryside - this surely is not right? particular as there is an existing incinerator located approx. 20 miles away in Shrewsbury [***REDACT**]
• I personally don’t think incinerators are the best, most efficient or cost effective way of dealing with non-recyclable waste. But, if there is a need, then surely the right location is on an industrial estate, away from housing and local schools, such as Wrexham Industrial Estate which has the infrastructure and transport links required to support such a development.
• Incinerators are not a low carbon method of dealing with waste and play a significant role in climate change. Incineration is no better than land fill because of the high level of carbon they produce. Not only will the carbon emissions be high from the incinerator itself, but also huge amounts of carbon produced from the vehicles travelling to the site, as well as transporting and disposing of the ash out of the site.

• I hope this development does not go ahead, but if it is approved, I would ask you to make provision in order to protect us, that along the tree line border, there is additional planting to help with screening and sound deadening and ensure sound proofing is installed around the perimeter of their development.

I ask that you refuse this proposal as a result of the issues I have raised, thereby protecting the local residents and school children, their quality of life and health and wellbeing and in doing so, keep our rural community rural.