Buttington Quarry - ERF

Received 24 May 2021
From Patrick Watters


Dear Sirs,I am writing to object to the above planning application for an incinerator at Buttington Quarry. Not only does it run in direct contravention of the government's own targets in relation to lowering carbon emmissions, but it poses a very real danger in the contamination of air, water and soil to those, such as me, who live locally. There is also the very real possibility that what is now an area known for it's clean air and water will become a dumping ground for refuse,brought by a constant stream of articulated lorries from far and wide, and all the pollution and noise that that involves. Please use common sense and refuse this application, there are much more creative and environmentally sensitive ways of dealing with refuse than this.
Yours Sincerely
Patrick Watters