Buttington Quarry - ERF

Received 24 May 2021
From Michelle venables


I am writing with my views against the proposed Broad energy incinerator to be located at Buttington.

I have lived in Trewern all my life and bought my own house here 20years ago, we are a family of 5 [REDACTED]
* Trewern is an up and coming village with new plans of over 40 homes being built in the area.
We have an amazing thriving local school in Trewern with over 100 children in attendance. Since covid has hit the school have gone above and beyond making sure the children are learning and spending more time outside. So these children will be more exposed to the pollutants in the air and due to this being a valley and low lying cloud that will hold the pollution over 90% of the houses and school.
Two years ago a lovely thriving cafe opened up in Trewern employing local people and is doing amazingly well and catching all the tourism coming into Wales, I’m not sure people are going to want to stop and sit while looking at the incinerator flume breathing pollution in.
We also have an abundance of wildlife in the area and a big local farming community which will be affected by the noise and pollution.

* On speaking to broad energy they said it would create jobs but on further discussion it will only fetch 30 permanent jobs to which will only be specialised with relevant qualifications. I have also called around other incinerator sites to ask about apprenticeships in the incinerators and was told they only have room for one at a time or they weren’t taking them due to health and safety issues on sites so it isn’t going to help with employment locally.

* The main a458 is for many a gateway to Wales and is a busy route for many tourists coming into Wales, work vehicles 24hrs a day (HGVs, vans, people travelling to and from work) and local residents and a large farming community.
Either side of the proposed site for the incinerator are 2 bridges Buttington river bridge which isn’t built for two HGVs passing and many stop and let one through etc, the other is cefn railway bridge a black spot for accidents. Cefn bridge has seen two accidents over the last 18months where HGVs have hit and damaged the bridge causing it to have traffic lights for over an extended period of time.
So taking this into account HGVs will have to cross either bridge to get to the site bringing more heavy traffic to the road infrastructure that can’t cope now.
We see so many times through the year traffic backed up from welshpool through Buttington Trewern Middletown and into Shropshire, so when you add the amount of the HGVs extra coming and going to the incinerator it will put a strain on the road infrastructure and emergency service which will have to deal with the on going traffic problems and accidents.
Broad energy have not included cefn bridge in their traffic survey but say that a percentage of waste will becoming from England leaving us wondering how are they getting the waste to the site due to the other local road infrastructures from England which hold many more accident black spots and high volume of traffic also.
* Also including in this proposed site is 2 local haulage firms
Speed welshpool ltd which have just increased their operating license to 22 HGVs and 22 trailers
Jacktrans ltd have 5 HGVs and trailers.
So the amounts of HGVs using the same entrance and route in and out of site is already at 27 HGVs.
Adding to this will be all the HGVs delivering to the incinerator and also which Broad energy has not mentioned the extra HGVs that will be coming to collect the ash from the incinerator which will be sold on.
This is a very busy route all year round and locals know they already have to leave earlier some days and some weekends it isn’t worth leaving the house due to the mass of traffic.
* Wales is one of the biggest recyclers and only producing 20,000 tonne non recyclable waste and now supermarkets are cutting back on non recyclable waste also with the aim for Wales to be 0 by 2050 leaving no need for a 200,000 tonne incinerator, especially when there is an large incinerator based 35 minutes drive from the Buttington site to shrewsbury industrial site.
Buttington is not an industrial site with an adequate road infrastructure it is a site metres away from many houses and a thriving school.
If the incinerator is needed then I do believe another site which is industrial with better road infrastructure and less houses and school in close range.
Many thanks for taking the time to read