Buttington Quarry - ERF

Received 24 May 2021
From Miriam Turner


My views AGAINST the proposed broad energy incinerator to be located in Buttington
I have many concerns which fuel my complete objection against this site
* It is less than 1/2mile away from a busy school that has over 100+ children in attendance and due to the effects of covid children are spending more time outside learning. So the pollution from the incinerator will be over the school and all these children, which there are also children with asthma at the school.
The cloud/fog sits most days in the valley so the many houses and school will be in this line of the incinerator plume so the health of many people in the valley and beyond will be affected by this.
Trewern is a village that is growing well with plans for another 40 houses being built which adds more people’s health and also put off people buying houses in the area.
* The road infrastructure is not adequate for the volume of HGVs that are going to added for the incinerator, we have two bridges either side of the site, Buttington river bridge which is not wide enough for two HGVs to pass and on the other side is cefn bridge which is a known black spot for accidents. Cefn bridge has over the past 2years been made single file with lights due to damage from accidents with HGVs and these lights have been up for 6months each time.
* There already 27 HGVs running in and out of the site which the road only just copes now without adding so many more HGVs to the route and entrance.
This is the main route into Wales for many tourists and during tourist season we often see queues from welshpool through Buttington Trewern and into Shropshire so adding so many HGVs to this is going to put a lot of stress on so many services in the long run.
* Wales only produces 20,000 tonne of non recyclable waste and aiming to be 0 by 2050 so I can’t see the need for an incinerator placed on the border of Wales in a village not an industrial site, especially when there is a large incinerator 35 minutes drive away in shrewsbury.
Many thanks for taking the time to read