Buttington Quarry - ERF

Received 24 May 2021
From Elizabeth Loader


Point One: There is no regional need for this incinerator. Powys Council Local Impact report, “it is considered that the 167,000 tonnes per annum capacity of this proposed Energy Recovery Facility will substantially overprovide for the Region’s waste treatment needs and will have a negative effect locally.”
Point 2: as a nation we are proudly striving towards zero waste we have a diminishing need for an incinerator - even a small one. I am proud of the Welsh government’s environmental strategies and policies….. let’s stick to them and not move backwards!
Point 3: this would be a dreadful eyesore on our landscape. We are fortunate to live in a stunning area with many nationally popular walks - Offa’s Dyke, Moelygolfa, Powis Castle - the stack from the incinerator and resulting cloud plume with ruin this stunning area.
Powys County Council Impact report states “ It is considered that the proposal will have a significant and detrimental effect on the valued characteristics and qualities of the Powys landscape and will thus have a negative impact.”
Point 4: this would have a dreadful effect on our local economy - tourism and agriculture! And yet provide very few jobs for local people …… in fact in would render locals unemployed as our tourism declines and local holiday let’s/caravan parks and cafes close due to lack of visitors.
Point 5: whilst I have limited evidence for this point ….. I believe that the incinerator will be damaging to our health. I do believe nor trust Broad Energy. I do not trust that thorough inspections and measurements of the pollutants in the air will be conducted. This is is my greatest anxiety and concern. We are a small population that will be living close to this incinerator….. I don’t trust that our health is of concern to any governments or big business!
Point 6: the impact of HGV traffic on a narrow rural trunk road. Whether traffic is to approach from the East or West - there are hazards - narrow Cefn bridge or frequent flooding. Increased HGV traffic will also have a negative effect on our health and local environment- pollution!