Buttington Quarry - ERF

Received 24 May 2021
From Andrew Wilson


have lived in Trewern for 16 years and raised my family here. The proposal for the incinerator is desperate and harmful and needs to be stopped.

My objections centre around the health risks to the community here.

The local school [REDACTED] is downwind from the proposed site. The air quality due to the busy roads is already poor at times [REDACTED]. The incinerator will add to this problem and moderate conditions will become more severe. A child in London died due to air pollution. We don’t want those conditions here.

Under certain weather conditions a thermal inversion can occur where the air sinks instead of rising. The gas emissions will descend on the school and village of Trewern. The proposal claims that an extra heating of the waste gas will push through the inversion but it seems likely that these conditions would not be noticed straight away. Any energy used to heat the emissions would reduce the profitability of the plant- which is surely a conflict of interests. Under normal wind strength conditions the emissions would blow towards the north and east and ground on the village of Middletown.

The computer model used to describe the spread of the emissions fails to show the landscape around me. The complex of hills and valleys with the prevailing wind direction create a unique set of conditions that can funnel the wastes into the settlements.

The content of the emissions is determined by the type of waste burnt. The quality control of this process is sketchy at best. Some waste materials contain a whole cocktail of chemicals including toxins like dioxins. The proposal says the concentration of these chemicals would be very low but don’t say how and when they will test for it. There is no low concentration for dioxins that is safe to human health, so to say there is no problem is disingenuous at best.

The A458 is a very busy road with considerable container traffic, farm vehicles and huge seasonal holiday traffic. The road system barely copes as it is and the number of accidents on the Cefn bridge and around the incinerator site is impressive. The prospect of another 50-100 trucks a day bringing waste will not help.

I appreciate that Powys is a Conservative area (sadly) and we are a long way from Cardiff, but this is clearly a case for Governmental intervention. Recent developments in a green strategy for Wales have been noticed here and approved of. The community here don’t see a short term get rich quick scheme for one man and poison the whole area as a fitting response to your efforts. We would like to keep conditions here as good as they can, so our children and older people can breathe.