Buttington Quarry - ERF

Received 24 May 2021
From Clare Pritchard


I object to this facility being built in this position because lorries will come from various places in Wales via small roads and eventually A roads as opposed to the facility being built closer to a motorway or dual carriageway with much shorter and less intrusive journey times. This development traffic as planned may contribute more to pollution and warming than it is saving. Perhaps the use of the adjacent railway would be more beneficial?
I also object because there is significant amount of temperature inversion at this location and estimation of its penetration effect relies on a specific height ie 90 metres rather than a real situation. It therefore ignores the impact of cooling on the plume with distance from the stack, and thus to pollution downwind of the site.
Finally I would hope that any pollution resulting from this incinerator and any impact on the local community and ecology should be monitored regularly by an independent body and reported back to the appropriate government body.
Whilst I understand that there is an obvious need to dispose of unrecyclable plastic in the most efficient way that we can, we also need to protect the ‘wellbeing of future generations’.
Thank you