The selection shows documents received from the applicant in relation to the development consent order application.

DNS-3247619-000324-011. ES SUMMARY (Document Size: 135 KB)
DNS-3247619-000322-010. ES RISK OF MAJOR ACCIDENTS (Document Size: 64 KB)
DNS-3247619-000319-012. ES GLOSSARYREFS (Document Size: 131 KB)
DNS-3247619-000323-003. ES APPLICATION SITE (Document Size: 75 KB)
DNS-3247619-000318-000. ES CONTENTS (Document Size: 76 KB)
DNS-3247619-000321-004. ES PROPOSED DEVELOPMENT ALTERNATIVES 110521 (Document Size: 216 KB)
DNS-3247619-000320-001. ES INTRODUCTION (Document Size: 98 KB)
DNS-3247619-000317-008. ES HUMAN HEALTH (Document Size: 102 KB)
DNS-3247619-000316-007. ES TRAFFIC AND TRANSPORT 100521 Final (Document Size: 149 KB)
DNS-3247619-000315-009. ES AIR QUALITY (Document Size: 79 KB)
DNS-3247619-000314-006. ES BIODIVERSITY V3 Issue 08052021 (Document Size: 800 KB)
DNS-3247619-000311-000. COMPETENCE (Document Size: 121 KB)
DNS-3247619-000313-005. ES LANDSCAPE AND VISUAL 150421 Final (Document Size: 536 KB)
DNS-3247619-000312-002. ES ASSESSMENT SCOPE (Document Size: 189 KB)