The selection shows documents received from the applicant in relation to the development consent order application.

DNS-3247619-000372-SCUKX-GWERN-001-284B Customer switchgear building [18.01.21] (Document Size: 302 KB)
DNS-3247619-000371-SCUKX-GWERN-001-283B 40ft Battery storage elevation [21.01.21] (Document Size: 725 KB)
DNS-3247619-000370-SCUKX-GWERN-001-282B 40ft Substation elevation [21.01.21] (Document Size: 742 KB)
DNS-3247619-000367-SCUKX-GWERN-001-203B Weld mesh fence elevation detail [21.01.21] (Document Size: 229 KB)
DNS-3247619-000364-SCUKX-GWERN-001-203.2B Deer fencing elevation [21.01.21] (Document Size: 211 KB)
DNS-3247619-000363-SCUKX-GWERN-001-200A Perm access track section [15.10.20] (Document Size: 265 KB)
DNS-3247619-000362-SCUKX-GWERN-001-250A CCTV elevations [15.10.20] (Document Size: 220 KB)
DNS-3247619-000366-SCUKX-GWERN-001-213.2A Ballast framework elevations [21.01.21] (Document Size: 473 KB)
DNS-3247619-000365-SCUKX-GWERN-001-203.3A Acoustic screening elevation detail [21.01.21] (Document Size: 211 KB)
DNS-3247619-000369-SCUKX-GWERN-001-213A Framework Elevations [14.10.20] (Document Size: 235 KB)
DNS-3247619-000368-SCUKX-GWERN-001-203.1A Fencing gate elevation detail [15.10.20] (Document Size: 222 KB)