The selection shows documents received from the applicant in relation to the development consent order application.

DNS-3247619-000386-LRA Elwy ALC report 26.01.21 (Document Size: 11 MB)
DNS-3247619-000385-DCC Pre-APP 40 2019 1062 historic asset plan (Document Size: 911 KB)
DNS-3247619-000384-P19-2023 - Elwy Flood Risk Justification Test 150321 (Document Size: 480 KB)
DNS-3247619-000374-P19-2023 - PLANNING STATEMENT 10.05.2021 Final (Document Size: 873 KB)
DNS-3247619-000389-P19-2023 15J Site Layout (Document Size: 6 MB)
DNS-3247619-000388-LRA covering letter (Document Size: 137 KB)
DNS-3247619-000380-DCC Pre-APP 40 2019 1062 Enquiry response (Document Size: 374 KB)
DNS-3247619-000376-BR-575-0008-00 Elwy Solar Flood Consequence Assessment Rev05 PART2 (Document Size: 7 MB)
DNS-3247619-000375-DESIGN AND ACCESS STATEMENT 110521 Final (Document Size: 606 KB)
DNS-3247619-000383-P19-2023 Elwy Solar Energy Farm - Heritage Statement (11.05.21) (Document Size: 47 MB)
DNS-3247619-000382-BR-575-0008-00 Elwy Solar Flood Consequence Assessment Rev05 PART1 (Document Size: 7 MB)
DNS-3247619-000379-9673A - Solar Photovoltaic Glint and Glare Study - Elwy Solar Energy Farm - 06May2021 (Document Size: 5 MB)
DNS-3247619-000377-ELWY SP ALC report Rev 2 V5 (Document Size: 1 MB)
DNS-3247619-000387-P19-2023- Sequential Assessment Final (Document Size: 14 MB)
DNS-3247619-000378-P19-2023 31A SLP (Document Size: 749 KB)
DNS-3247619-000373-Elwy Consultation Report - May 2021 (Document Size: 9 MB)