Location Plan (Document Size: 4 MB)
Location Plan
Notification Form (Document Size: 333 KB)
Notification Form
Acceptance of notification letter to the applicant (Document Size: 359 KB)
Acceptance of notification letter to the Local Planning Authority (Document Size: 354 KB)
EIA Screening Assessment (Document Size: 191 KB)
EIA Screening Direction (Document Size: 130 KB)
Existing Site Plan (Document Size: 1 MB)
Gas Engine Elevations (Document Size: 728 KB)
Ecological Assessment (Document Size: 2 MB)
Transformer Detail (Document Size: 103 KB)
General Arrangement (Document Size: 807 KB)
Site Office Plan (Document Size: 67 KB)
Transformer Detail (Document Size: 68 KB)
TNO Metering kiosk (Document Size: 493 KB)
Noise Assessement Screening (Document Size: 1 MB)
Screening Request (Document Size: 333 KB)
Air Quality Assessement (Document Size: 10 MB)
Statutory Plan (Document Size: 322 KB)
Gas Kiosk Elevations (Document Size: 291 KB)
Fencing & CCTV Cameras (Document Size: 79 KB)
General Arrangement (Document Size: 978 KB)
Location Plan (Document Size: 916 KB)
PRS Kiosk (Document Size: 289 KB)