Mor Hafren: Energy Recovery Facility

Received 30 October 2020
From Sian Hewlett


The proposed site is extremely close to Eastern High School as well as a number of primary schools. This poses two issues. One of the health of the children that come from the surrounding areas to attend the schools. The other is the additional traffic that it will cause to an already heavy traffic area.

The site is extremely close to houses and the sound both from site traffic and the running of it, pollution and the health implications make this a poor choice.

Air quality in Cardiff is already the 4th worst in the UK. I have yet to see any data that confirms incinerators don't add to CO2 emissions or air pollution.

The St. Mellons area is also due to have a large train station added in the coming years. The impact of this on the area can be offset with the benefits of better transport links and jobs. This incinerator will add no benefit to the local area. It is only going to add to the feeling that one of the poorest, most deprived areas of Cardiff is once again being used as a dumping ground.