Mor Hafren: Energy Recovery Facility

Received 30 October 2020
From Ceri Terrington


I object strongly to the proposed biomass incinerator in Wentloog, Cardiff. The Welsh Government has granted Cardiff Council £21m to be spent improving air quality in the City of Cardiff. It seems ludicrous that they would spend this money and say that they will be leading the way in the mission to achieve clean air by upgrading public transport when they are then granting planning permission for this toxic waste facility. Along with the toxic waste it will produce there will also be the added environmental impact from all of the vehicles taking waste to and from the facility. I hope that everyone involved in the granting of planning permission for this sees sense and sees that this is far from what is needed in our beautiful City of Cardiff. Hopefully other Councils will also see sense and no other such toxic waste producers are permitted to be built in this Country.