Mor Hafren: Energy Recovery Facility

Received 30 October 2020
From Ffion Power


To whom it may concern,

The development of the incinerator in the CF3 area is a gross attack on the people of this area of Cardiff and a complete manipulation of powerless people in this community. Trowbridge, the area that will be most significantly affected by the development of this incinerator, is already a community under significant struggle. It is one of the poorest boroughs in Cardiff, one of the poorest areas in all of Wales. It has one of the lowest education attainment rates of Cardiff as a whole and the choice to develop on this land is a blatant manipulation of people deemed too uneducated and too poor to have any realistic form of defence. This community is already troubled by socioeconomic issues, so to ladle on the issue of air pollution and to increase the rates of poor health in this community is utterly disgusting.

As a student of Cardiff University, and a permanent resident of the CF3 postcode since my birth, I will be pitching a campaign/protest against the further development of this incinerator within my university itself and beyond the community of CF3 to the rest of Cardiff.

I, and the rest of the community, will not tolerate the shameful manner in which notification of development and information on this project has been implemented. The hiding of development plans inside Domino's Pizza leaflets, with full knowledge that these are likely to be discarded, was and still is one of the most conniving ways in which any “reputable” development was notified to the local community. The constant avoiding of conversation with rightfully angry residents was another. Taking advantage of this Firebreak lockdown to continue development plans whilst residents are legally obliged to remain indoors and avoid public space is by far the most manipulative manner in which the development plans have been implemented to go ahead.

As Cardiff and many other parts of the U.K. are seeking to become more green and striving for cleaner air and a reduction in pollution, I firmly believe that this small community is capable of creating a significant backlash to the disgusting and abusive manner in which you are exploiting the poor, the less educated and the systematically powerless to make money off poisoning the local community and damaging our local nature.

Shame on you, shame on Môr Hafren, and shame on anybody who has participated in the planned suffocation of the people of CF3.


Ffion Power