Mor Hafren: Energy Recovery Facility

Received 30 October 2020
From Brenda Griffiths


Planning Officers.

I have been a resident of Rumney Village for 51 years, and consider myself of good sense, sound judgment in practical and environmental issues. Throughout that time I have seen the East of Cardiff thats part of the SSI Gwent levels, invaded with such force of pollution's, light pollution/industry/traffic/loss of habitats/loss of peat bogs/ water reens, to name a few. Therefor I am anxious and strongly opposed this plan of the Mor Hafren Incinerator.


The plan will have a severe detrimental impact on many areas as, invasive views from residents houses/ schools/green spaces/Gwent levels/coastal walks and all cardinal points of the compass throughout Cardiff. and the South Wales coastline. Also the construction plan is near a windmill which will increase the plums distribution.
The build will impact 90% of areas.

iMor Hafren proposed plan is in the area of S.S.I. See All in Link.

Recent months of lockdown there has been a significant improvement in the air quality, sadly that will not be permanent when normality of road traffic returns with an extra 40 to 60 per day of Mor Hafren HGVs laden with toxic waste which have to use A and B roads to access the site, also NEALS Atlantic/Recycling company near the planned site could double that traffic flow for their use of the incinerating.

The A/B roads are Lamby Way. Wentlogg Avenue, which often have varied incidents that obstruct and traffic has to redirect , therefore when HGVs need to access to the site there is only two roads which are local residential roads with two lanes one road has a primary school, and both have weight restriction of 7tons.
If Plans are submitted for any incineration constructions surrounding the Bristol Channel /Welsh coastline and S.S.I coastline areas there plumbs will be distributed by the atmospheric winds and tides that will carry a category of plumbs of PM2/3/5 partials which will harm humans and wildlife.


Some areas of Cardiff East near the proposed plan are classed as deprived areas which seem to be favour of choice for authorities to use for polluting conglomerates. it has had forty years of major landfill, there is a toxic waste station (Biffa), and constant pungent smells for twenty years ( that are constantly investigate by N.R.W.) A major increased traffic on roads built in the late 19 centaury to suit that time of flow, light pollution, heavy/light industry, they all have polluting properties.
Governments, Local authorities, Conglomerates, do not know what the long term health, well being and mental effects any pollutions will cause..........
Therefore I ask you to think with earnest and intent of the future for ourselves, children, grandchildren and wildlife.
Please do not allow this planning permission as an easy fix to burn ALL types of waste.

Yours very sincerely

Mrs Brenda Griffiths.