Mor Hafren: Energy Recovery Facility

Received 31 October 2020
From Rohima


I oppose the idea of building this incinerator in the St Mellons area.

Many of this area already feel like we have been shoved aside and forgotten about. It seems as if the government feels this area is a dumping ground of Cardiff, which is supported by the idea of planning to build an incinerator here. It is unfair that this has gone to planning stage without consulting the people that live in this area. I will be living here for years to come so I should have a say in deciding whether this should be built in my area. Research has shown that the government selectivity chooses poorer areas to build these incinerators. Of course you wouldn’t dream of building this in your wealthier areas!

The CF3 area, with the new planning application of Hendre Lakes development has a potential to thrive and attract business and people from all areas of Cardiff and outside Cardiff. By building an incinerator you are counteracting the positive development of this area.

St mellons has a nature conservation area that is also proposed in the Hendre lakes development. It is a natural habitat for the endangered species, the cuckoo. You are green washing this project by stating it’s safe for the environment, but this incinerator will most definitely cause negative long term impacts of wildlife in this area along with poor air quality for residents. During a time where we are focusing on saving the planet, you are building this incinerator which would worsen our planet, by potentially endangering species that are already at risk. There is not enough research to state this incinerator does NOT affect our health in any way whatsoever, with the lack of evidence, I do not feel it’s safe and in our best interest to build this in an area which is full of young families like myself.

St mellons is already a nightmare to get in and out of, and this project will worsen that with all the added traffic it will bring.

Why would you worsen an area that has already been neglected by the council? There are finally positive changes and developments proposed for this area, and once again it feels like the government can’t be bothered with our area and would rather just use it as their dumping ground. We have a promising future for our area to thrive in terms of nature and quality of living and this potential future is being taken away from us with this incinerator being built.

There is obvious discrimination in the social classes by choosing st mellons/CF3 area as the location to build this incinerator and it is simply unjust.

I urge you to consider developing this elsewhere where the implications of an incinerator wouldn’t be this detrimental. There is already nearly 2000 signatures to stop this incinerator being built. Most of these being from people in the area. The fact that most people in the area are opposed to the idea, should be sufficient to stop this incinerator being built as we are the ones who will be affected by this and we will have to deal with the consequences.