Mor Hafren: Energy Recovery Facility

Received 01 November 2020
From Atif Mohammed Hussain


My name is Atif Hussain. I reside on Harrison drive, Cardiff with my family within 700m of the proposed energy recovery facility (ERF) site. My family and I have lived in St. Mellons for 17 years. We love our area, the surroundings, the community, the green spaces, lake and the fresh clean air. I volunteer as The Treasurer on the Steering Group , Together Trust, which is championing residents’ voices on how 1 million pounds of lottery funding can be spent to make our area a better place to live in. I also volunteer in the litter picks and during the lockdown, I undertook several solitary litter connections and liaised with Cardiff Council who have been spectacular in supporting me. Natural Resources Wales and several members of our Residents against the CF3 incinerator group also got involved in cleaning the local reens including Rhosg Fawr Reen, Cobol Road and the lanes around Hendre lake during lockdown, socially distanced at all the time. Quite simply, I adore this area and the community.

During these litter picks, I do get up close and familiar with all the types of rubbish discarded: household and commercial waste. The majority of the waste we collect and bag up, though, I would argue does not need to be incinerated or sent to landfill. Cans, plastic bottles and paper can be recycled. Garden waste and a lot of cannabis plant cuttings which we collected from the reen and from the layby on Cypress drive could be used as compost. I have brought home wood panels to use in my garden for a water fall feature and for building garden furniture and raised garden boxes.

I cannot fathom why a further ERF is needed in this region when we should be pushing for more recycling and upcycling of our waste and cease to be a throwaway society. By building this incinerator, we risk just that. We would have to throw a lot more waste away to feed this monster of an ERF otherwise the other risk is that waste will be imported and transported here. Neither of these 2 scenarios are justifiable.

I cycle around the CF3 area and I also cycle to work on Cardiff Road, Newport when the schools are closed during July, August and this Firebreak lockdown. I cycle on Ty mawr lane on my way to work and I look forward to seeing the bevy of swans with their cygnets in Drenewydd reen. Sometimes they are further upstream in Pencoed Reen. It is fascinating to see the wildlife in the local area. Cycling on the way back along Ty Mawr lane, I can see the giant wind turbine at G24 and I am acutely aware that the ERF will be sited right next to it. Visually , this ERF building is not in keeping with the visual appeal of the landscape and would be an eyesore and the blot on the beauty of the coastal area.

I cycle to work on cycle paths that run parallel to the roads in Newport, along Duffryn way, Lighthouse road and Docks way. However when I cycle on the cycle path adjacent to A48 Southern Distributor Road (SDR) between the roundabouts for Docks way and Cardiff Road, [**REDACTED**]. I believe it is because of the vehicle numbers on this road and the number of HGVs lead to the higher level of pollution on this stretch of road. I am sure these vehicles are emitting within legal limits, [**REDACTED]. I have fortunately found a cycle path that allows me to avoid the SDR. I am aware that the emissions from this ERF will be within legal limits even though they can breach those limits a few times a year. I live very close to this proposed ERF site. [**REDACTED**]. I cannot escape these emissions and find an alternative other than to leave this area which is my home.
When I am not cycling, I usually run around the CF3 area early in the mornings so that I miss out on the evening traffic emissions. I run from Newport road to Caer Castell place where I get a fantastic view of the coast. The ERF will no doubt spoil that view. As I run down through the CF3 area, I usually collect litter and drop them off in the council bins along the way. This was one of the reasons I became a litter pick champion for my area.

The ERF will be sited close to the giant wind turbine. Running down Trowbridge road from Greenway road, I can see feel the wind blowing on my face and I see how close the ERF will be to the school, and I shudder to thinks what effect the emissions will have on the staff and students in that school especially if they are asthmatic.

The other problems is the actually how close the ERF and the wind turbine are to each other. I looked at this resource below to understand the complexities of turbulence of air movement around a wind turbine:
Page 87 of the mor hafren environmental statement states there will be a marginal increase which they classify as insignificant. I was told at their first public consultation at the Beacon centre in September 2019 that the emissions are “harmless water vapour”. I can’t see their emission are harmless, but their modelling is based upon nitrous dioxide. There is no mention of the dispersal of water vapour in the report. And these emissions will smell and they have accepted there will be an odour. Why should I have to suffer this odour at home all the time. I chose to live in St. Mellons because there is no odour here. The air is clean and odourless.

I am writing this objection on a warm November night (1st November 2020), so carbon dioxide emissions are a concern. I cycle to work when I can to reduce my carbon footprint. I can not see how this ERF will help to reduce carbon emissions when there is no carbon capture fitted. Rather than landfill, we get skyfill.