Mor Hafren: Energy Recovery Facility

Received 01 November 2020
From Paul Howlett


Dear Sir or Madam,

I wish to register my objection to this development on the following grounds:

1. Visual impact. The incinerator building and its 70m tall stack would completely dominate views in the local area and beyond. The building is completely out of scale with everything else in East Cardiff and if built would overwhelm sightlines from many residential areas around St Mellons, Trowbridge and Rumney including Harrison Drive, Greenway Road, Caeglas Road, Llanstephan Road, the South Wales Coast Path, Hendre Lake Park and many other places for decades to come. This would have serious adverse effects on the visual amenity of an area that is home to tens of thousands of Cardiff residents. The likely impact is obvious when you visit the locations that will be affected.

2. Inappropriate siting. There are many concerns about emissions from incinerators and the effects that they may have on local populations and the environment, and studies are ongoing. If built this plant would be in extremely close proximity to residential areas, schools and a Site of Special Scientific Interest. Attention must be paid by developers and decision makers to the fact that although the site itself is designated an industrial area, a residential area starts just the other side of the railway line and the SSSI is adjacent.

3. Traffic. The 80+ additional HGV journeys during operation and heavy construction traffic will need to reach the site and will impact upon the already heavily congested roads around Lamby Way.

4. Waste. Incineration at the plant would produce toxic ash which would need to be handled extremely carefully in order to keep residents safe. Incineration sits near the bottom of the “waste management hierarchy” as one of the least favoured options and should not be necessary if efficient and modern recycling processes are implemented. Incineration generates large amounts of carbon dioxide, thus increasing greenhouse gas emissions at a time when this is becoming of escalating concern.

5. Flood risk. The site is within the “Coast at the Wentlooge Levels in the Cardiff Area” Flood Warning Area. Flood warnings in this area are a not uncommon event. The planning application appears not to have considered the effect on the plant and its waste/ash stores of flood water ingress, and only addressed the likelihood of such an event.

As 1,365 responses to the original consultation were received with 97% opposed or strongly opposed it is evident that this proposal is causing huge concern to residents. I would ask that the planning application should be rejected.

Yours faithfully,

Paul Howlett