Mor Hafren: Energy Recovery Facility

Received 01 November 2020
From Gareth West


I wish to strongly object to this planning application on the grounds of Air Quality:
(1) The amount of vehicles that will be travelling to and from the site from various parts of the country is not acceptable.The emissions from these vehicles WILL impact on people, children and local wildlife throughout the journey of these vehicles particularly when they arrive and depart at the site in Rumney. In this day and age we have a responsibility to look to reduce traffic on our roads not increasing them.
Cardiff is looking to introduce a new transport system called the Metro, the aim being to reduce traffic and get people to travel by train, buses and light rail.One of it's main pillars being the environmental effect therefore; you accept the argument that traffic pollutes our Planet and has an impact on local people. How can you then support this application when the amount of traffic needed to support this site will only ever increase and be used everyday of the year?
(2) The emissions from the actual site. I do not believe the evidence is proven that these emissions will not have an impact on people and the environment. It would be highly irresponsible not to have all the evidence from both sides of the proposal before making a decision.