Mor Hafren: Energy Recovery Facility

Received 01 November 2020
From Emma Gammon


I strongly object to the proposed Energy Recovery Facility, for the following reasons:
1. Aesthetics - the facility will be a significant blight on the Gwent Levels landscape. We are extremely fortunate to have such beautiful nature on our doorstep and as a young family we regularly visit Newport Wetlands and walk along the coast path - both areas which will be ruined if the proposal goes ahead.
2. Proximity to the new Eastern High School - it is ludicrous that such a facility can be considered so close to a school. Who knows what impact this would have on the next generation.
3. Ecology - the effect on the SSSI area will be extremely damaging.
4. Traffic - the inevitable increased traffic level from not only the construction of the facility but thereafter will have a devastating impact on the environment. The traffic is already significant on Rover Way and the surrounding areas- it is seen as a "rat run" by many residents and visitors of Cardiff and Newport and is already grid locked in rush hours.
If this last 7/8 months have taught us anything it is how important the "outdoors" are to us and the proposed facility should NOT go ahead.