Mor Hafren: Energy Recovery Facility

Received 02 November 2020
From Adam McBride


1) Logic

The technology used, burning unsorted waste, is counter to the philosophy of Welsh government in respect of green energy development and the Future Generations Wales act. There will be no carbon capture filters as it is “not commercially viable” according to Mor Hafren representatives.

2) Visual

The visual impact to the local area will be nothing short of significant and negative. The antiquated technology proposed cannot be shrunk in size and thus will be scar on the landscape of the Gwent levels.

3) Location

The proximity to the new Eastern High School is of significant concern to all those involved with the facility.

It would be beyond belief to place such a noisy, polluting development so close to where children are situated for up to 7 hours per day. What message would this be for our future generations?

4) Ecology

Impact to the local SSSI area and its ecology are troubling. The reen network is a precious entity in this area and needs to be protected. Its value to the local wildlife and its role of local flood management cannot be overstated. This development would compromise this network of reens.

5) Traffic

The addition of 80 lorry journeys per day to the surrounding road network would be the straw that broke the camel’s back. Peak hours during ‘normal’ times are at grid-lock around the Lamby Way area. Any possible prescribed routes by the operator “cannot be guaranteed nor enforced” according to Mor Hafren representatives. I can only conclude from this that the local small lanes and villages, where the roads are already saturated, will be the driver’s chosen route to the new site. This raises the concerns of both safety and air pollution to the local area.

Thank you